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Thread: Denial of Service Attack

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    Denial of Service Attack

    Sorry for the slow server / "Server Busy" issues this afternoon. I've only just had a chance to have a proper look at it and it turned out to be some sort of site scraping or denial of service attack. Basically a bot based in Serbia was hammering the site loading hundreds of pages at the same time.

    I've banned the originating IP address at the firewall and the server load came straight back down to normal. Hopefully they'll get the hint and 'eff off now!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Phew, I nearly had to talk to my other half for a moment then! Glad normal service is now resumed!
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    Top man, well done sir

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    Well done csl, panic attack over!

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    Just looking at it a bit more it looks like a brute force attempt to find a vulnerability rather than an attempt to push the site offline. The logs are full of thousands of SQL injection attempts etc. It was basically trying every known vulnerability against every page on the site.

    Annoying for a while, but they didn't get in.

    Code: - - [28/Feb/2014:12:05:59 +0000] "GET /showthread.php/1354-Black-Death-my-memory/page2?p=if(now()%3dsysdate()%2csleep(6)%2c0)/*TP/1.1"  - - [28/Feb/2014:12:06:00 +0000] "GET /showthread.php/1354-Black-Death-my-memory/page2?p=(select(0)from(select(sleep(9)))v)/*'% - - [28/Feb/2014:12:06:00 +0000] "GET /showthread.php/1552-Last-chance-to-vote/?mode=%5c&p=16163
    Last edited by csl; 28-02-2014 at 20:16.

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    I thought the SD was a bit too popular for 4.30 on a Friday afternoon when we are obviously busy getting on with our work.

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    What happened in plain English?!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    What happened in plain English?!!
    Strats, by your track record
    SD not working = porn & **** time

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingy View Post
    strats, by your track record
    sd not working = porn & **** time
    lol +1

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