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    Question Badger cull

    Why where the badger cull protesters not out on boats trying to save the drowning badgers in England? Or is drowning more humane than shooting them?

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    Are you channelling "Sharpshooter" whose particularly chortlesome column in this week's Shooting Times begins:
    "How long can a badger tread water for?"
    and goes on...

    Funnily enough, I haven't heard of boats being manned by activists on "drowning badger patrols". Why not? Is it kinder to drown a brock than to shoot it? I would have thought the result was much the same. So why didn't the RSPCA and the Badger Trust mount a Dunkirk-style evacuation of badgers? It would have made good TV news footage - lots of little boats, manned by humourless vegetarians wielding landing nets to scoop soggy giant weasels out of turbulent brown waters.
    One of his better flights of fancy, I thought, and well worth repeating.
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    Well according to the news here in the south today, 5% of the badgers took longer than 5 minutes to die, that was shot by marksman, so drowing might have been the better option, where the people get this info from i dont know, the bbc website has different information, with a higher percentage took longer than five mins to die

    BBC News - Badger culls were

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    I thought the BBC was affectionately known as Aunty.I now realise I must have misheard

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