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Thread: Electronic Ammo Safe

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    Electronic Ammo Safe

    A few years ago I was given a small ammo safe with an electronic code lock. Never bothered to check how it works or what batteries it takes. Tonight its decided not to open! Any ideas before I get the angle grinder out!

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    There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing how to crack them. Or maybe contact the manufacturer?

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    Did you acquire a key with it?

    If so, peel off the trade label on the front and the keyhole will be revealed.

    If not, 0001, 0002,0003,0004 and so on and you will get the code in time!
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    you could try heating up the key pad area with a hair sometimes works enough for you to open the safe once when the battery is flat.
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    put a little pressure on the handle and hit the top repeatedly, hard!
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    + 1 For the hair dryer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom270 View Post
    + 1 For the hair dryer

    I have never heard of that. Does it give the battery some extra life?

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    It doesn't really give the battery any extra life, but with it being warmer, if it's got anything left, the heat makes the little juice remaining more effective. Don't really know why, probably those little molecules getting a bit more jiggy!

    I shouldn't hold your breath, but well worth a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    put a little pressure on the handle and hit the top repeatedly, hard!
    +1 on this method, called lock bumping, as said lots of you tube videoe you'll be shocked how easy it is

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    If there's any juice left in the battery and you can access the little red reset button through a fixing hole with a screwdriver, reset the code to a single number. (Less mess than an angle grinder too.


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