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Thread: 240 h&h 244 h&h

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    240 h&h 244 h&h

    I am trying to reload the 240 and 244 H&H rifle rounds
    All the reloading data I have seen is with .243 bullets but the original loads had .245 bullets.
    Is it safe to use .243 bullets

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    You might get a 'rattling good fit'

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    244 was a cartridge that had a reputation for pressure spike issues. The 240 is quite tame, and as you know, is basically the same capacity or in fact less, that a standard 243 Winchester cartridge. Holland's had some years ago a change in the rifling style on their rifles and I recall that earlier 240 or 244 ammunition was advised against use in the rifles with the later rifling style. I think to do with their being less "squeeze" room as the lands had become broader.

    That would suggest that .243" bullets in these later rifles (they'll have the current Bruton Street address) might be OK. Holland's are extremely helpful with these queries and a telephone call to them might be productive. They certainly helped me when I contemplated buying a 240 H & H of their 1960s manufacture. They'll certainly explain the barrel rifling issue better than I and better than I have. Which may, or may not, contain errors!

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