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Thread: Anyone reloading for a Sauer 202 30-06?

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    Anyone reloading for a Sauer 202 30-06?

    As per the title.
    Have a variation for a 30-06 barrel for my S202.
    Looking for any experience on the forum of reloading for this rifle and calibre specifically.
    Tried the web, nothing doing.
    The barrel will be medium, 20", fluted, threaded.

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    For a normal, 600 mm barrel, Sauer 200 or 202, 180-gr Speer with 56.5 gr VV N-160 and Win LR primers.

    The .30-06 is probably the most versatile cartridge. What are you planning to hunt with it, at what ranges? The shorter barrel makes some difference for the heavier bullets.

    There are quite a few proven loads which should work in any good rifle.
    What bullets are available to you?
    What powders?

    I have been shooting the .30-06 since 1965, have owned probably 20 of them, and shot every bullet from 110 to 220 grains, from 50 to 1,000 yards.

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    HI Southern - thanks for the reply. I went for the 30-06 (1:10 twist) as is compatible with the 6.5x55 bolt and mag on my 202.
    Planning to hunt larger species of UK deer and boar in UK and Europe. Ranges out to 200m realistically.
    I have the 180gr Nosler, Spitzer BT in stock, N160, Fed LR primers and Lapua brass.
    Be great to hear your suggestions.
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    A lot of .30-06 shooters compromise on a 165-gr bullet, while others shoot the heavier 180-gr because of bad experiences with meet damage from the 150-gr bullets under 100 yards. A lot of that is residue they heard or grew up with, when there were not so many sturdy 150-gr bullets.

    There is almost no difference in trajectories of the 150, 165 and 180 grain bullets up to 200 yards. There is still not much at 300 yards, and just a bit more energy with the 180s. The big bullets do resist the wind a little better on a long shot, and there are a lot of 180-gr bullets because of of the .300 H&H, .300 Win Mag, and other magnums.

    Just as with the .308 Win, shooters read all this and that about bullets made for 600 yard matches, and think they must use a 165, or better yet, a 168-gr bullet for deer.

    Basically, if you sight it in 2 inches high at 100 yards, it will be on a 200.

    4895 is a very forgiving powder, with a velocity that is nearly linear with the load from max down to 60%, so it is very versatile, too. It's chamber pressure is lower, making it ideal for the M1 Garand.
    I would start there with 150-gr for a short barrel, and load 125-gr at the same velocity, for a mild practice and hunting load. As will all bullets, the flat base will be easier to work up an accurate load quickly, and boat tails show no advantage until 300 yards, anyway. And a Barnes 130-gr will hum out of that short barrel somewhere around 3,000 fps.

    There are some stout 150-gr bullets which will hold together and penetrate, like the Barnes TTSX and Nosler Accubond. But Hornady, Speer and Sierra vanilla bullets will take care of most game.

    Other great powders are IMR-4064 for the 125 to 150s, and either flavor of 4350 for 150 through 180.
    Alliant RL-19 is a good powder for the 165 - 180s.

    Since my first .30-06 at age 16, a Remington 700 ADL which I still have, I have found every rifle to shoot the Remington 180-gr RN factory ammunition very well. It is a hard hitting bullet, too. I have shot serious wild boar over 400 lbs with it and they fell like a sparrow hitting a window pane.

    I will post some proven loads that are near perfect in any good rifle.

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    You might want to pm KSB - I know he has worked-up some loads for his 202 in 30.06

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    Thank you FlipFlop - I'll drop him a PM also.
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    I'm reloading for my Sauer 202 Classix XT in 30-06 it has a fluted 56cm barrel / 22 inch.

    I'm reloading 200 grain Lapua Mega with a velocity of 780m/s - 2560 fps.

    Used them on Muntjac, roe and moose now and really happy with the performance, very little meat damage and great performance - it's my allrounder.

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    The 190-gr and 200-gr .30 caliber bullets are mostly for big and dangerous game inside 100 yards, or sleek ones for long range match shooting. They are simply more predictable in cross winds than the faster 165 and 168 bullets.

    The Sierra 190 Matchking is too tough to shoot on game. The 208-gr Hornady AMAX or the Bergers will expand quickly, and all three of them have less bearing surface and less friction than most 180-gr bullets, so they can be pushed just as fast with the right powder and primer. I just started playing with the 178 and 208 AMAX with RL-22, IMR-7828 and Hybrid 100v.

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