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Thread: Hello from The Deep South ( USA )

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    Hello from The Deep South ( USA )

    I have been coming here several times a week for years, as the search engines always bring me here for some discussion of an arcane caliber or weapon, so I decided it was time to join and ask questions.

    I am from South Carolina, my ancestors having colonized America as early as 1621. I grew up on a working horse and cattle farm, where we had a few deer, but too much livestock to hunt with a rifle. So i learned to stalk on the ground then with a longbow.

    In other parts of the state, deer were more plentiful then, but smaller, the woods very thick and flat, much of it swamps, so we hunted from stands, as deer were driven by dogs with one man. We used shotguns with buckshot.

    I much prefer stalking, and still hunting with a rifle or handgun, and have hunted many parts of the USA, all sorts of terrain and weather.

    The rolling hills off England and Scotland are my ideal terrain, so I hope to hunt there soon.

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    Hi Southern and welcome.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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