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Thread: fox - any thoughts

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    fox - any thoughts

    Any thoughts as to what caused this wound? Fighting? Bullet?

    Looks similar to a pic in one of Robert Bucknalls books but I couldn't see a crease or ridge to suggest a rifle round.

    Anyway whatever did it didn't kill him, but 100 grain from a 243 eventually did!
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    Possible close shave with moving traffic.
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    Terrier? Might have been dug recently, looks like a few bite marks on the muzzle as well in the pic

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    Resent rubbing on the head board while banging a few vixens

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    Thanks for the comments gents. He was a touch bitten up round the muzzle, but again that could come from fighting. They're not for leaving much to ground round that way but you never know

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    Perhaps that's the one, one of our members bounced an HMR bullet off


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    he's been rattling his head off a rock or root etc during an altercation with a terrier would be my guess
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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    he's been rattling his head off a rock or root etc during an altercation with a terrier would be my guess

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    I posted similar pics on here a while back.........

    and I've just noticed that you (novice) replied to my thread! so you know about that already
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    A pet dog I had some years ago had the same kind of wound she caught her head on a rusty nail and it got infected

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