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Thread: Muntjac and the weather

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    Muntjac and the weather

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    yep thay ant moving alot at all not seen 1 for over 2 weeks now seen fallow but no muntjac

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    i shot one on sat night and saw another but it was a doe so left, they are still moving around here and have been all throught the bad weather even when the snow was here.

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    As an alien species surely the bad weather knocking them back can only be a good thing. I am sure it will have an effect on the less robust CWD. Only time will tell.

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    ive seen 3 over the last 2 days, sods law no rifle to hand, they still moving about abit around me

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    Still seeing plenty on shoot days, and whilst out stalking,I dont think the weather affects Muntjac as much as it used to.

    A friend of mine has stalked Muntjac for many years, and he can remember finding dead Munjac in obscure places as well as woodlands, peoples sheds, outbuilding anywhere they could find shelter, they have been around for a good many years now, and I think have adapted to the cold weather, like all deer there will be the odd casualty, but that is nature.

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    I find Muntjac move around more when its cold, seen lots over the weekend.

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    I think they move more too just to keep warm! They feed more often than larger deer anyway and their diet of browse such as brambles tends to remain clear of light snow fall. I did shoot a Doe in the last cold spell which must have been due to drop a fawn at any time. As the little one dropped onto the snowy ground all skinny and totally soaking wet, it did make me wonder how it could have survived if it had been born?
    I'm sure each generation becomes more 'tuned' to the environment too, and the cold weather of recent days is nothing compared to the one back in the early 60's.

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    Now what would YOU know about the early 60s MS


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    I heard about them 'good old days' from old people like yourself!
    I arrived in 1966 and it was only just warming up then!

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