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Thread: Salisbury meet-up

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    Salisbury meet-up

    Those in south-central England who don't habitually visit the social meetings corner of the forum may be interested in this:



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    Hi Kevin

    Well done mate

    Im always up for a meet and a pint



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    Hi kevin,

    I am up for that as well.


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    Salisbury meet

    Excellent chaps. Any more? Am happy to take guidance from locals in and around Salisbury on the best venue.


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    Unless you want to meet in the actual city itself then I'd suggest Pembroke Arms on Salisbury to Shaftesbury road or slightly posher is the Beckford Arms by Fonthill Estate, located just off the A303 for northern chaps or through Tisbury for us southerners.

    Trying to find parking in the city is a pain.

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    Aaaahhh. Local knowledge. Excellent. Many thanks for the input. I'm happy with either venue. Let's see how many takers we get and whether people prefer an evening or weekend during the day.


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    Let me know where and when, I'd love to come. Weekend works best for me, but will go with the majority.

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    I have been looking over the SD forum for quite sometime, so I would love to meet for a pint or two, and put faces to names.

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    Stick me down would love to meet up and put some names to faces,great idea Kev and thanks for putting it together 8)

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    Proposed date and venue

    See thread in Social Events and Meetings for details of get-together at Beckford Arms on Wednesday February 3 at 7.30.


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