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Thread: Finland hunting

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    Finland hunting

    Looks like I'll be going to Finland at the end of the month/early April (South east) does anyone have any info on what's in season at that time of year please or recommendations? I'm struggling to find much information at the moment.

    I'll have a vehicle so can travel a bit, not particularly interested in birds or moose but most things in-between from beaver upwards and I'd love a chance at a representative whitetail buck. Happy to pay or swap for some quality roe either way. I'll probably be back later in the year so if nothing much is in season it's not the end of the world.

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    Have a look at here, it seems there's some typos (2012 instead of 2013) but otherwise accurate:

    Open Seasons | Suomen riistakeskus

    Basically only small predators are in the season. Also beaver would be a reasonable option. Some small game like rabbits are mostly found in bigger cities and not really hunted.

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    Hi Ben
    Take a look at the "Yes We Hunt" website - they encourage swap hunts.


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    Thanks both, yorric I'm on the yes we hunt website so may well put an advert on there but have been stung a few times on swap hunts where I hold up my end first and the return is not as described! thanks for that link jthyttin, I'd love to try for a beaver when I'm over there this time will have a look.

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    Wait for the innuendos about beaver hunting !!!!!

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