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Thread: remington model seven

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    remington model seven

    hi is there anyone got a 223 remington model seven advise welcome please

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    Have a .17 fireball predator and a .260 rem stainless synthetic both model 7 what do you want to know ?

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    I have a Rem model 7 in .223, what advice do you need?

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    l would like to know how rellable they are and is there any faults known with them. just for vermin shooting

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    Iv'e had mine for years, very reliable, had no issues with the gun. A nice lightweight rifle, very comfortable to shoot.

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    Which one are you looking at ? the Remington synthetic stocks are not brilliant ( but other rifle makers synthetic stock's are no better)
    Mine both shoot sub 1'' at 100m .

    I've not had any problems with mine, as to how good they are I also have an Accuracy International, Sako and a Sauer 202. But the model 7's get the most use

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    A mate has a wooden stock model 7 in 243. I like it it seems a decent bit of kit.


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    About 3 years ago, Remington put out a run of Model 7 CDL, with dark walnut, forend cap, grip cap, some with sights and some slick barrels, in .223, .243 and 7mm-08. I would love to have a .223 as a companion to my larger Model 700s.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	phpgpIcMUPM.jpg 
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ID:	38731 Model 7 CDL in 22-250, was worried about the thin barrel at first, but it shoots excellent groups with PPU as well, so cheap to feed.


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    I'm also considering getting a Seven. One of my concerns is the Length of Pull, as I usually not too comfy with short LOP rifles, probably due to my long arms. what about the seven? any feedback about its LOP? is it specially short?

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