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Thread: Walther Colt M4 .22LR

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    Walther Colt M4 .22LR

    Hi, Here I have for sale is my Walther Colt M4 .22LR. This rifle is very accurate as well as great fun. The Walther Colt M4 is a licensed copy of the original 5.56 rifle, it has every detail you would get on the original and very similar weight. I bought this rifle new about 12 months ago, it's fired about 500 rounds and only has a few minor marks that are barely noticable.
    It will use most ammo but runs perfectly on federal and CCI. It will shoot subsonic ammo (RWS is best) but due to the low power occasionally you don't get a full bolt cycle and it will not pick a round out the mag. It's great for range/garden plinking and with the great accuracy it's perfect on targets and live vermin. Many aftermarket furniture items are available to customize it to your liking. The trigger has also been lightened.
    It comes complete in the box with the necessary tools. Face to face transfer is preferred but a RFD to RFD could be arranged at extra cost to the buyer. I will try upload pictures but just ask and I will email or text them to you.

    I'm looking for 400 ono

    Please note the two 20 round magazines and moderator adapter are not included in the sale.

    Many thanks.
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    Price reduced bump- accessories not included.

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