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Thread: Yukon Photon 5x42

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    Yukon Photon 5x42

    Has anyone had a problem with the red dot illumination on the photon? Mine wont switch on , I have tried new batteries I even sent it back only to be told it was ok . I have looked at one in a gun shop and it was working just fine . I have used a number of new batteries (cr2032) as recomended still nothing.Any help would be appreciated .

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    2p worth

    i would send it back to scot's if you cant get it working they will help you out as its that new may have a intermittent wire'g fault

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    You may also get more input from the equipment sub section?
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    Benthambob, did you buy it from us out of interest?

    If so, please return it for my attention using the return form on our website, and we will inspect it and if faulty replace the Photon immediately.

    If not, please call 01789264100 and ask for Jamie at Pulsar tech and he will arrange for it to come back but you will need a copy of your purchase reciept.

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