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Thread: remington 700 triggers

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    remington 700 triggers

    thinking of upgrading my trigger what are folk using and what trigger pull you got on it and is safe for stalking foxing and a bit of long range work ?

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    Tried a Timney on my Rem 700 foxing rifle and was never really happy with it, then felt it was time to invest in a Jewel & now 'am totally happy, set at 2lbs it's about as sweet as a trigger gets (in my opinion..). for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I have a jewel on my 243, set at 1lb. On my 270 I just have the standard x pro trigger, not the same standard as my jewel but a huge improment over the old Remy trigger


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    1 for jewel set at 6oz perfectly safe on 243 and standard trigger set at 1lb on 222 remmy.

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    no wanting to sound cheap but what about the rifle basix triggers any use ?
    or jard triggers ?

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    Got a jewel on my L/H Remington 6mm set about 8oz never had a problem

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    I have an old remy 15 + years and the trigger was well heavy ! My then gunsmith honed it to an exceptable lb idch back then and I've never looked back is it possible to safely adjust these more modern factory triggers by a gunsmith ?
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    For several years the Remington rifle was my rifle of choice during which time I tried several after market trigger units which worked well and obviously cost a bit of dosh too.
    For some reason I had my Remmy .222 with me when I visited Jimmy Wills of Bath a few years ago and mentioned that it was due a replacement trigger to improve it.
    He tut tutted and asked to have a look at it, 'fiddled' with it and now I could not wish for a smoother pull trigger.
    It is now better than any after market trigger no matter how much it cost.
    He reckoned the standard trigger is one of the easiest triggers to adjust and is grossly misunderstood just because it is a Remington.

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    i do have timmeys on both my remingtons a and im very happy with them also rifle basix are very good so im told. after all it all comes down to how much you have to spend then. on the outher hand you can as EMcC said get it looked at by a good gun smith im told you can rework a factory trigger to be just as good as a timmey.

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    my remington could not be a kick in the arse of the same age as yours i may see about getting it tuned first

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