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Thread: Sauer 90 stock

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    Sauer 90 stock

    hi does anyone happen to have a stock for a sauer 90 that they want to sell, its for a 270. thanks

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    Hi the scud,
    I have a Sauer 90 that I bought with a broken stock. I ordered McMillan stock from a local gundealer
    for my 6.5 by 55 it took a while and needed fitting when it came as the inlet was for a short action but it all came
    good in the end [ a 2 year wait] but that's a long story. It was worth the wait, good luck with the search McMillan
    is an alternative.


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    the rifle belongs to my mate, he got it repaired but he wants a new stock as he don,t think the repair will last,

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    A friend of mine has some Sauer bits not sure what he has, but I won't see him until i'm next up the range about 6 weeks.

    Pm me and i'll call you when I have more info

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