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Thread: Hawke scope

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    Hawke scope

    Hi everyone I no the hawke are a cheap end scope but I am just trying to find out if anyone has used on?? And what they are like I.e glass

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    I have a Hawke 3-9x50 (MAP6 reticle) on my CZ452 and I can't fault it. I've also used Hawke scopes on springer air rifles with no problems. Having been in contact with Deben a few months back, they assured me that their scopes would be okay to use on CF rifles too, although I only asked about .243.

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    I've got a Hawke digi-IR 4-24x50 on my .223 it was all I could afford in x24 mag at the time (295), but it's a keeper.

    also got a Hawke sport HD 3-12X50 on my HMR which cost 74 new and that's not bad either although I usually prefer a finer crosshair, it works well under the lamp with the IR turned down.
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    Scopes are an odd thing in my opinion, my first scope was a 800 sightron that I didn't really like because it had target turrets (I didn't trust that I hadn't moved them accidentally) so I sold it and bought an 80 nikko sterling game king. this has been on my rifle since and has never let me down or shifted zero at all I think modern manufacturing and less recoil due to moderators mean far more reliable gear nowadays at all price levels. The reticle looks like it has been drawn on with a permanent marker but you can see it at night! As for optical quality, I've looked through dozens of scopes and haven't ever been able to tell the difference. I can tell the difference when a scope is dirty or clean, but that's the only time.
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    Have used Hawke scopes on 17HMR (6.5-20x50 - I think it was) and on 2x 22LR's (both 3-9x40). None of the scopes were very expensive but all did the job reliably. I'd buy/use them again on similar guns. No experience of them on CF rifles.

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    Absolutely nothing wrong with these scopes, have used them for years.

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    Just a point, only the Endurance models are Centrefire rated....they are very good and solid in build,and a snip at 260 ish.

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    Both myself and my lad use sport hd 3-12x50 on our 308s they are all firearms rated and perform very well.
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    Figure out the kind of shooting you will be doing before considering any particular brand.

    I do a lot of air rifle shooting in woodland - the major differences in scopes becomes very apparent under those conditions as the light begins to fail in a woodland. A close friend had to stop shooting using a Hawke Panorama about 40 minutes before I started to struggle to pick out pigeon head shots as darkness fell. In daylight his scope is bright and clear and to all intents and purposes seems a very solid performer. I was using a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 while he was using a Panorama something-or-other x50.

    A friend of mine commented on one of his expensive scopes that is a dog in woodland HFT air rifle shooting - apparently it struggles in dappled light conditions.

    The little Hawke Sport HD 2-7x32 AO is a pretty good small scope for closer ranges on low recoil guns.

    Hawke are a peculiar brand - in my experience their expensive stuff is massively overpriced in relation to actual performance (when compared to similarly priced scopes from certain other manufacturers) while some of their lower end stuff is pretty impressive.

    The trouble with scopes is that very few of us have the opportunity to test products side by side under real-use conditions.

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    I've got a Hawke 3-9x50 on my .22LR, and really pleased with it.
    Would have liked to put a Hawke scope on my .243 but couldn't find the one I wanted at the right price. Ended up buying a cheapo Nikko Sterling instead (bad move) and of course, next day, someone on this site was advertising exactly the Hawke scope I wanted for same price I paid for the N-S

    I would second what .30-06 says above though - the lower end Hawke scopes are probably a better deal than the more expensive end of their range. The quality and performance doesn't seem to go up in step with the price.

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