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Thread: Stalking ground near lanark

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    Stalking ground near lanark

    Just wondering if any body knew who has the stalking around the pettinain area.
    I have just moved there and I see a lot of high seats kicking about.
    Let me know if anyone knows this area

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    I shoot on a few farms in the Lanark area , although not in Pettinain ,I don't have any high seats up anywhere though.
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    Could be the high seats on Carmichael Estates your seeing!, or is it the forestry on the hill at Pettnain your seeing them?


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    There is some on the hill. Above pettinain.
    And on the lowland just before pettinain.
    If anyone is needing a hand let me know.
    I can swap a wee bit of stalking and lamping.
    At broughton and hartwood

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    Does anyone know of any payed stalking near Lanark or biggar
    or anyone needing a hand dragging or lamping more than happy to lend a hand
    any info is great

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