Dollag's Cottage is pretty much booked solid for the summer but there are still a few weeks available in the Spring and Autumn.

Dollag's Cottage at 7 South Shawbost

Over the last few days there has been a lot of interest from people wanting to see the Northern Lights as the display on Thursday was pretty spectacular. I love Colin Cameron's photo taken at the Callanish stone circle on Thursday evening, be sure to take a look:

The Northern Lights - colincameronphotography

Of course you just can't predict the aurora and so there is no way to offer an assurance to visitors that they will get to see it but if you are coming for a holiday then it makes a very nice bonus, and it has been seen for at least a few days in most weeks over the last while.

Even without the aurora the Callanish stone circle is still well worth a visit, even in the early Spring before the ground has started to green up:

And this beach at Shawbost is only a short walk from the front door of the cottage and, again, this photo was taken in April. April and May are often very nice months indeed in the Hebrides with the days getting longer and the sun strong and they often see long periods of dry bright weather as can be seen in these photos:

This is the little village of Dalbeg, about 2 miles from the cottage taken in the lovely April sunshine last year - we lay on the beach and had a picnic that afternoon though it did require a jumper. Some of the BBC Katie Morag children's TV series was filmed on the beach here and the loch is one of the most reliable, and easiest, places to see otters:

This is a not so good photo of the beach at Dalbeg, again taken in April:

The local town is Stornoway and it has a little harbour which can be busy at times with trawlers coming and going and the marina is also popular with the more adventurous recreational sailor. This is another April photo:

The cottage is located on a working croft and in April the workload is starting to increase. This photo shows your host at the cottage out working at her sheep on an April day. This was taken just a short walk from the cottage and there is no reason why visitors can't pack a picnic and head out here to enjoy their lunch on the moor:

Other croft work is also going on with grass being burnt off the croft on calm evenings:

And the kids are kept busy feeding the pet lambs on the croft:

Of course the traditional weaving of Harris Tweed keeps the looms clacking away in their loom sheds across the island. Visits to see a working weaver can usually be arranged should you want to see the process for yourself:

So, if you are looking for a great Spring break then be sure to visit the cottage web site and get in touch. Unfortunately because the cottage is on a working croft pets are not allowed and that is a real pain but, as those with livestock will appreciate, it is simply not wise to introduce strange animals into a croft cottage in a crofting community.

For the stalker Lewis has only red deer and so there isn't any scope for stalking in the Springtime but you can always bring your fishing rod and hit the thousands of trout lochs - when you see the number and variety you'll be too busy fishing to think about deer :-)