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Thread: Rfd reloading service

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    Rfd reloading service

    I thought I had read on here that there is a rfd who will work up a load for your rifle and then load you rounds at a cost, I was hoping to get a load worked up for my .243 using 87gr v-max. Thanks all

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    Mike Norris of 'Brock and Norris' the best there is.
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    David at DMC cartridges is excellent at this

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    Thanks all. I will get in touch with those few and see about dropping off my rifle etc. has anyone done this? If so what's the cost compared to factory ammo. Thanks

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    I have all my ammo loaded by Crockett at custom cartridges and have done for years, wouldn't entertain anything else now. Certainly not as cheap as factory but I think worth every penny and the service is second to none !

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    Does anyone know if this is a viable option for those with "lead free only" stipulated in their contract?

    Mine says "factory loads only" - would rounds loaded by a RFD qualify?

    I'll obviously ask the question of the organisation issuing the contract, but wondered if anyone else here already knew.

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    anyone close to me for future reference please ,within hour round trip from pieland,doug,

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    I thought any loads offered for sale had first to have had a sample pass proof. Is this not the case?
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