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    Wildcat Predator 8

    Hi All,

    Well I brought one, yesterday in fact, it's the 300mm version with 1/2" UNF thread and due to a slight mix up it's a .243 one but a call to Wildcat this morning reveals that it will work on the 25-06.

    Right it seems well made and despite the extra weight the rifle balances a few inches in front ot the magazine and front action screw. I will need to get fitter as my P-H 1200C has avery nice bit of wood on it but it's dense and heavy so the rifle weighs 9 1/2lbs with scope and it's not the Varmint version either. So with the mod, scope and sling it weighs 11 lbs 4 ozs I think we will fore go the bi-pod but I will need sticks methinks .

    Now my experience with full bore mods is zero and I was surprised at the report. Somehow I expected it to be quieter but the 25-06 is not a quiet cartridge so we will see how it goes.. I had to change the load as the gunshop had run out of H3450 so I ended up with a tub of Reloader 19 and instead of the 85 Gr Ballistic Tips I picked up a box of 120 Gr Speer spitzers. Should be better for deer ?

    I also swopped the scope as it seems the new one I brought for the rifle is faulty the elevation adjustment siezed up and I fear something has come loose inside as the focus is altering slightly. It's being returned for a replacement. Meanwhile I nicked the trusty Schmidt and Bender 6x42 off another rifle and put it on the P-H and we are getting somewhere :-

    Oh the first two shots were the one to the lef the third is the one on the right I need to work on my follow through as the rifle moves up and right on report

    I think this will do once I shoot a few more groups to verify that this was not just a fluke group and make sure it's now central and 1" high another 3 shot group was shot before this on and it's about 0.7" but was 1 1/2" to the left. I made a correction but must admit that I cannot recall the adjustment factor of the S&B scope it's so long since I needed to alter it and I went too far . The groups were shot at only 70 yards prone. Until I can move things around I cannot really get 100 yards out back.

    It being a .243 Moderator might work in my favor as I might get the 6mm screwcut at a later point in time. Have not made my mind up yet on that . Now I have to replace the front swivel stud and try the sling for carry purposes and see how we get on .

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    Ok tried it again to day to check first shot POI and I am happy with how it shoots but I have tweeked the windage to bring it more cetral so it's now set up set up OK. The first 3 shots landed in a group of 0.532" I fired Nine shots in total on this target and the group is 0.613" wide but 1.646" high. Hmmm I am assuming that the weight of the moderator is acting on the barrel as it warms up?

    I then took off the Moderator and shot one round without it and the POI without it is 1" high and 1.6" left hmmmmm

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    Shift of poi is normal on removing a mod, Steve.

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    Yep Steve I had expected a shift but was surprised how it came out although if I stop and think about it I suppose that I had not idea how it would move, whcih way and how much. Lots to learn about using a Moderator yet.

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