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Thread: Gloves.

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    Any advice?? For mainly work in the extreme cold?? Been using ex army NI gloves, but a little bulky(but very good.) What do you guys use??

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    Thinsulate gloves off ebay cost under 5, I always take the right hand one off to shoot. If it gets very cold use a hand warmer, the type that takes lighter fuel are best, again go to ebay.

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    I use a pair of Silk glove liners - very warm and very thin with a pair of thicker leather and thinsulate gloves over the top. I take the thick gloves off though when a shot is likely, and on te liner gloves I have a hole on my trigger finger.

    But unless it is very cold I tend not to bother with gloves and use hand warmer pocket and find my hands stay warm provided the rest of my body is warm.

    But in cold weather trigger control is more difficult and lightweight triggers can be a real issue. I have a set trigger and certainly don't use the "set" when it is cold. In cold weather / difficult conditions, good technique - ie breathing control, squeeze etc is very important - something that I tend to forget.

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    Cold hands are something I've always suffered from, and in the past it's not been helped by trying to save pennies with el cheapo solutions.

    After a few outings wearing the Harkila Kodiak jacket and trousers I'm now sold on their products for cold weather use and have splashed out on a pair of the gloves. Not cheap but I'm starting to value my creature comforts a bit more these days and they are apparently waterproof, windproof and insulated! They're available on eBay and I got them from these people after making an offer at 60.

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    Forget Neoprene...they're the devil's work!

    Harkila gloves are great but the sizes run small. I am only a size 9 glove but have to have XL in Seeland/Harkila. Do Scandinavians have small hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax
    Harkila gloves are great but the sizes run small. I am only a size 9 glove but have to have XL in Seeland/Harkila. Do Scandinavians have small hands?
    That's weird because they must have extra large shoulders - the jacket is one size down on what I would have expected, and even then it s a 'generous' fit, (as in room for Xmas excess!). They must be the same as us in the trouser department though, they fit perfectly.

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    Sounds like they used the same guy off the five gallon drum when they drew my Landy!

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    Harkila Alaska mittens are toasty warm but not waterproof.Good for dry arctic conditions we're experiencing just now

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    leather golf gloves
    A. because I can't use my trigger finger. Knackard tendons
    B More grip
    C thin enough so you can 'feel' the trigger

    Then in cold weather put a pair of Musto gloves over the top.

    Was out in -7 on Monday and had toastie hands


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    i got these just because i didnt want thick gloves cant fault them been out stalking in the snow and managed to keep warm.they have leather lower and material upper .

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