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Thread: marlin xs7 .308 calibre

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    marlin xs7 .308 calibre

    anyone got one gents ,user review opions wanted ,its got a good review stateside a budget .308 that works.gets wot u payfor etc.but anyone here actually got one and wot do u think,cheers for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by tozzybum View Post
    anyone got one gents ,user review opions wanted ,its got a good review stateside a budget .308 that works.gets wot u payfor etc.but anyone here actually got one and wot do u think,cheers for now
    A friend has two of them in 270. Sub MOA right from the box and nothing but smiles since.~Muir

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    A younger acquaintance of mine has one in 308 win . He's more than happy with it , it shoots around one MOA with loads it likes , 165 gr Nosler AB's shot under an inch ( three shots ) when we went shooting together last fall . It seems to be a decent rifle for the money and they are getting quite popular out here . Not extensive information I know , but I hope it helps


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    thanks gents thats a great help ,been offered one for the right money just wanted to be sure as there isnt huge lots of info on the interweb about them and the price is right as they say cheers

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    I was trying to locate a really good wring out of the Marlin XL7, like the article I posted on the Sako 85, A7 and Tikka T3.

    This is a good "under the hood" review of the XL7, not your usual gun magazine fluff.
    Real Guns - Hmm... Remember the .270 Winchester? Marlin's XL7 Bolt Action

    Here is one by an individual, about his XS7 .308, and some discussion.
    Marlin XS7 .308 Win Range Report - photo's - Forums

    I have only handled them. They are lightweight (6.5 lbs) but solid, come with a Weaver rail scope mount, target crowned barrel, nice trigger which is adjustable, can swap barrels like the Savage 110, $250 less than a Tikka T3 Lite, and many seem to shot a variety of factory ammo quite well. Not much risk in that purchase.

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    I haven't seen either a Marlin XS7 or a XL7 yet but just wondered why Marlin should produce and market a rifle in competition with some of the Remingtons especially as Remington own Marlin. Seems a strange marketing decision.

    My first thoughts when the Marlin was mentioned was Oh no another cheap and nasty rifle like the Mossberg, but that may well not be the case.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    the few users that have bothered to write reviews all across the pond are keeping them ,the only downside is the plasticky stock ,2 or 3 are putting boyds on them.thats why i wanted some peoples opinions on them uk side .i think its done as a budget entry job by remington .for the money it puts rounds where you want them and once set up seems to stay zeroed in .

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    I've read many articles, forum threads, reviews, comparisons, etc about this rifle, 99% very possitive. However, I usually find critical analysis more useful to make up my mind. Hope they help:

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    The ones in Holt's recent clearance auctions were winking at me, but I was very restrained and let them pass.

    My uncle's neighbour has one - he really likes its capabilities and that it can handle 'rough stuff' as he calls it. Rough stuff in Ontario is at least as had as anything you're likely to encounter over here...

    His is .308 and his shooting bud's son has one in .270 and they both haven't got a bad word to say.

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