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Thread: need help with which roof mounted spotlight to buy

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    need help with which roof mounted spotlight to buy

    as per the looking for a light for the roof of my 4x4. has to be good quality :-)

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    Personally I use a hid lightforce. But the std versions are good aswell .

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    lightforce hands down.

    I am just modifying the 2 i have here to make them more low profile as we use them on multiples of vehicles.(both the mounts are the scope mounted ones modded to fit to the T bar as they are better built than the handheld ones)

    i have also removed the cable (and replaced it with a more supple cable) as its very stiff and can cause problems if you're a heavy user.

    both are 170's with the sucker roof/T bars and the other is a handheld 140 also cable removed and modded for sweeping the area faster.


    other than that they are by far the best out there bar...........................none IMO:
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    I got the light force and had a problem with it shorting out inside the handle, had it rewired with a better cable it is now faultless, no leaks


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    cheer for the replies so far.

    are tracer lights any good? also are there any LED lights that people use.

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    I've used a handheld tracer 170 and they're OK, not quite as solid feeling as the LF though. I've got a LF170 in the roof of my truck and I love it, shootable out to 300 with an amber filter on a good night!

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    Has to be Lightforce nothing comes close, remember if inside the cab
    check direction of roof support brace ! (drop headcloth ) you may have to
    offset the hole on one side a little.

    Rgds Buck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby1234 View Post
    as per the looking for a light for the roof of my 4x4. has to be good quality :-)
    I'm in the same boat as you bobby, and just up the road. Let me know how you get on.

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    +1 roof or bar mounted light force all day.

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    cheers guys. Lightforce it is then :-)

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