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Thread: A cracking start Gromit!

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    A cracking start Gromit!

    You just have to laugh don't you!, 2010 EH!, I forgot all about the tax return, (the paper one), Just had the reminder to file on-line by the end of the month, so I'm wading through the paperwork while keeping a weather eye on two very poorly dogs, (I 'll just call it severe Delhi belly)

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    I have a sneaking feeling that our near neighbours, who kenneled their dogs over Christmas, may have brought something home with them, they visited us on their return home

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    iwrch it must or missed you i'm in pembrokeshire we've got plenty here mate


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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    They probably ate the wrong sort of cheese...
    Probably that Stinking Bishop - Wensleydale's the stuff

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    Can't beat a bit of real Cheshire. 8)

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    Just for you Iwrch - the perfect antidote:

    Snow coming here in Hampshire, workplace closed already - now if there's justice I'll be able to get out to my patch tomorrow afternoon

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    I can see Clwyd from the window, we are pretty much getting a hammering here in Chester, that's number three snowfall of any note in the last 10 years!

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    Guess I should use some of that wash -in proofer on the white snow camo!

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    UUH OHH! We are now getting the FULL treatment! 4" on the drive here means someone somewhere is under a couple of feet!

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    Oh Heck! , We just made six inches!, for it to be like this here it means a minimum of a foot or so any where round abouts, just had a call from my buddy, the traffic is standing still in Birkenhead centre!.

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