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Thread: Tikka 223 what twist to get

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    Tikka 223 what twist to get

    Just a thought I'll throw this one out to you new Tikka T3 223 soon and I've a choice on twist 8 or 12 was going to go 12 but not sure . I shoot 243 and a 204 at minute .
    Would be happy throwing a 53 vmax for Roe and fox , so would 1/12 twist be ok or will I regret it ,cheers

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    You have a 243 to cover the use of heavier bullets so i would go for a 1:12 and shoot 50-55s


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    Are you sure you can get a 8 twist, they are special order and I here that Tikka are discontinuing them?! I was searching for a 1/8 twist for months, could never find one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    You have a 243 to cover the use of heavier bullets so i would go for a 1:12 and shoot 50-55s


    The mans right

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    I spoke to the gun shop other day they have both in to choose from apparently.
    also forget the 243 in this instance if it was just a 223 1/8 or 1/12.

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    I'd get the faster twist rate. My 1-9 stabilises 50grns no problem and will go upto the bigger stuff if I want to muck about with long range target stuff.

    I use 55grns in my Remmy 700 1:9 woks well on Charlie. Use 17HMR for bunnies so didn't see the need to shoot the lighter bullets through my .223

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    The 8 twist is more versitile and will allow you to shoot the heavier bullets which have better BC's - it will still shoot the lighter bullets too
    The 12 twist will stabilize up to a 63 grn Soft point bullet and definately the 50 - 55 grn range of bullets.

    If you get the tight twist - you have got all bases covered

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    55gr Vmax's go through my 1:9 a treat

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    I have a 1/8 T3 lite which is the least accurate rifle I have. Quite a few have accuracy problems with the 1/8, maybe that is why they are dropping it. If I had the choice again I'd go 1/12 or risk 1/10 if available. Don't think I'll go 223 again, used to like the cartridge until I had the T3.

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