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Thread: New Forum

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    New Forum

    What do you all think about asking Rob for a new forum on deer disease With the top few posts being sticky's with a photo and description of some of the common parasites and diseases of deer for use as a reference.

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    Good idea 300wsm. My only problem is downloading photos, still havnt worked it out, but then I am not of the computer age

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    Good idea.

    Only problem is you're going to need a BVA or GVS member to supply the definitive opinions and right ups. No one else is suitably qualified IMO

    If you're expecting to be able to c&p what will be large chunks of texts you could find yourself the wrong side of the copyright lawyers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm
    I can take care of most of the 'normal' diseases and parasites for the sticky's from my own prsentations I also have the services of MHS qualified vet to call upon if required.


    If you emailed me the photos I could post them for you if required
    No problems then.

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    300wsm. Thank you for your kind offer, I have also had a similar one from Buckup, which I am grateful for.

    Just as a matter of course, do you by chance have anything on your notes about diseases/pests of the Troll nature, and their eradication

    Just thought I would ask

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    Great idea, something I would find very useful. Thanks.

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