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Thread: A cracking day out with Solway Stalker

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    A cracking day out with Solway Stalker

    Many thanks to Colin for a great and very productive day out... better than I could have wished for

    Colin picked me up at 6.30am outside the wonderful Clachan Inn in Dalry (what a fab place... bags of atmosphere, great little rooms and damned cheap! did I mention the food? yum, yum.... how many chefs will get up before 6 to put together a full english breakfast for 1 guest just 'cos he needs to be away early!... and the rooms have gun cabinets in them... I will be back, even if its just for the food and beer! lol) again, thanks to Colin for putting me onto that one.

    We headed off to the estate, which is only 10 minutes away from the hotel and switched vehicles to an estate truck and set off...... a mile or 2 onto the estate we parked up and set off on foot... what a stunningly beautiful (and very big!) piece of land...

    I am not going to write an essay here suffice to say Colin knows his ground.... we saw 10+ roe and 2 red hinds... 2 of the roe are now hanging in my fridge! on the way out for lunch we saw another couple of roe in a pasture just inside the estate boundary.... after lunch we returned and parked down the lane from the pasture and crept in.... they were still there... so... down went number 3!!!!!!

    Colin was eager to go looking for more and even suggested heading up the mountain to see if we could find the ingredients for Curry Goat! but... my budget had expired as had my storage ability to get any more beasts back home and, if I ain't eating them, I ain't shooting them...

    1 day = 3 deer in the freezer.... thats as good as my entire last year on a FC Syndicate... I know where my money is going to be going for the forseeable future

    Great day out, great food, great accomodation, great company, great craic and not a great big price tag...

    Thank you again Colin, I Will be back to see you on the does in the autumn, red hinds in the winter and hopefully on the red stags before that too..


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    Sounds ideal mate, well done

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    as wallace n gromitt would say a grand day out ,clachan inn sounds a good place to stay even if your not stalking.the missus wouldve kindly told me to do my own breakfast but in french if i asked her to get up b4 six am

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    Forgot to mention (more for Ziggy's benefit) all done with my new R8

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    oooh brilliant, glad you got sorted out mate. have you gone like for like or something different?

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    nice one cant wait to get to colins in future, every one come home happy,cheers doug,

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    Had to settle for 2nd hand (nothing wrong in that mind) but running with a .308 now.... don't want (read can't afford) a cabinet full of guns and decided .308 covers all bases nicely, still got slots for 6.5x55 and a 300WM barrel though. S&B 3-12x50ir PMII sat atop. Again not necessarily the most obvious stalking scope but bomb proof and versatile.. feels very nicely balanced and certainly not too heavy..

    When funds allow may put it in for a pro success, thumbhole stocks offer a much more relaxed and comfy hold... other than that though chuffed to bits with it.. certainly does the job and its damned good to be back!
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    haha fair play to you, I do keep thinking of getting rid of my others and just getting barrels but I also enjoy having something to swap to. Yes I agree about the pro success its amazing but I also really like the grs stock they now offer too. wouldn't mind trying the 6.5x68 ;-)

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    Nice to meet you Paul , hope the missus was happy

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    Its a good day out there(when you don't get fogged off). The goats evaded me so i had to settle for a couple of hinds in the on a tricky day there in the snow last year.

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