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Thread: A novice's day out with 223

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    A novice's day out with 223

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to Dave - 223 for a cracking day out last Thursday. Also, a huge thanks to Tony - Limulus for the very kind gift of a set of his excellent quad sticks - they are brilliant and will get some good use.

    After an early start to get to meet up with Dave by 5am we were greeted by some rather inclement weather - fortunately the gods smiled on us and it soon cleared up before we got to the stalking ground. We were in a high seat (a first for me) by 6 and watched the day break facing a very 'deery' wood. Unfortunately the deer didn't show so Dave took me for a stalk around some likely spots on the ground. Again, the deer were't playing ball but I was learning a hell of a lot from Dave as we went along.

    After we wrapped up the stalk, it was time for a full English followed by an entertaining and informative day spent clay shooting, reloading, setting up the quad sticks and then some zeroing practice. What can be better than fried food followed by gun stuff and good banter??

    As the evening drew in, it was back to the stalking ground where Dave put me back in a high seat and headed off into another seat. As it started to get dark, the squirrels, rabbits and pheasant all came out to play, every movement had me thinking it was deer o'clock but unfortunately, once again, they didn't show. As the light was going, a vixen turned up to at about 130m from the high seat, so it got the bad news from the .308, one less fox on the ground is always a good thing in my eyes, so if no deer turned up, I felt I'd still had a productive outing. Apart from anything,, I was really interested how effective the high seat was- the fox really had no inkling that I was there at all.

    Even though the deer were't moving on that day, I learned a hell of a lot from a very good tutor, spent the day in excellent company and received a fantastic set of stalking sticks. I sincerely hope that one day I am in the position to return the generosity, and also help out someone else as they are starting out on their career.

    Many thanks again to both Dave and Tony, both of you are true gents.

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    well done to all concerned, sound like you had a great day even if the deer gods didnt show nice write up as well good luck in the future atb doug,

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    Nice right-up sounds like a top day even if you didnt get a deer

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    Good account and fair play to Dave 223
    regards pete

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    jonty it was a pleasure to take you out mate , its just a shame the deer didnt play ball, its been a bloody hard year this year

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    good write up legolas
    sounds like you had a good time and learnt a bit which is a good thing
    i hope you enjoyed daves company as much as i did ? he's a top bloke
    regards andy

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    Well done all of you

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    Sounds like you had a great time out with dave, but I have to ask did he share his kitkat..

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve109 View Post
    but I have to ask did he share his kitkat..
    Is that a euphemism for some bizarre midlands based practice No kitkats were consumed but we did stop off for a breakfast that was so good that I forgot my blinking jacket!!

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    Well done!
    Another happy hunter, gaining great experience through SD!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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