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    foxpro spitfire

    Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to use a larger capacity micro sd card in the foxpro spitfire to increase the number of calls beyond the standard 22? Hope that makes sense?!?


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    im also wondering the same thing, but I was told by a mate thet you can because the memory in the remote isn't big enough. but don't quote me, would be good to know tho...

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    i have tried it and it will not work, the max it will handle is 22 cals?

    don't ask me why but it just does not want to know,

    i have 3 cards here and wanted to just have one with the calls that i use in the caller, but no matter what i do i can not for the life of me get them to work, i have used the website link to the programing page (never does what it says they do)

    i have tried to cut and paste from the cards to a new one? still no joy. in the end i have become a expert at changing the cards over in half light in the vehicle when out shooting etc.

    I love the caller and it works for me, just about every time i use it we see fox's, in fact we had to shout a fox down the other night as it came in like a steam train and it would not stop until it was about 70 yards away and we stopped it with a 222.

    great product with a pain in the Rs programing method.

    i even have a spare one built into a waterproof box so i can leave it in the field in bad weather, but the controllers are $100+ from the states.

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