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Thread: Winchester Model 70 Synthetic Stock (1980s model)

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    Winchester Model 70 Synthetic Stock (1980s model)


    I'm after a stock for one of these, it's the non floorplate model, but i may be able to make a filler for the floorplate if neccessary. For a 270 Win.

    Let me know if you have any ideas



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    hi will i have a BELL AND CARLSON stock for a mod 70 that i bought for my 308 it has with it the floorplate as well but you will need to measure the distance between the screws to see if its a long or short action this is for a short action which i was told that my gun is but unfortunately its a long action so i have to sell it and try to find another if your interested at all you can get me on o7854546587 names Dave im not sure what it measures off the top of my head but if you measure yours il find out.its easier to phone me or even txt as i dont get on computer much cheers Dave

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    by the way will forgot to say it is fully bedded with a machined aluminium bedding block and spine cheers Dave

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    Thanks Dave, sounding expensive! I'll have a measure up when it arrives. Where abouts are you?

    Also if your current stock is a factory synthetic that might suit my finances better, and enable you to buy a new B&C if you sell me it. Someone on here is selling a Winchester 70 with and has a B&C they may sell, you should see if that will fit yours.


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    I have a factory synthetic stock for a .270 but its the floor plate model. Stock only no metal work 50 posted
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    Hey Shaun, let me work out if I can just fit a floorplate and then I have a gun with a floorplate, or if i would need to do more extensive fettling. Could you let me know the distance between the stock screws please, because I gather there are 2 different sizes/types.



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    Will center to center is 190 mm, the front of the stock has been filled with bedding compound to stiffen it up as the factory stock used to flex. Filling it stopped the flexing untill a got hold of a Bell and Carlson stock.
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    Thanks shaun will measure up. Anyone got a floorplate, or a blank for one? Will

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    190mm it is then. Just need a floor plate....

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    looks like your sorted will just need one myself now i have the bell and carlson short action one with floorplate if any one needs one or wants a swap

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