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Thread: My New Rifle Build

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    My New Rifle Build

    I've not really been on here much as I don't always get the time but seeing as I have something to share I thought I'd post. Hope that's ok.

    I would like to give a big thanks to James at Jäger Sporting Arms Colchester for building my .243 Tikka 595 with 20" stainless heavy Sporter border barrel is Cerakoted in dark stainless and then glass bedded on a laminated stock. All in at under my £1500 budget so well pleased with that.
    For a smilier product it was more like £2150 from somewhere else.
    What really impressed me was the quality of the Finnish 1st class. Took it out the weekend and it shooting quarter inch groups at a hundred yards WITH FACTORY AMMO!!!

    Who needs to reload with results like that. Norma 75 grn vmax, 2 munties in the bag already.
    I already have a Tikka T3 lite in 308 witch is a good work horse and has dropped 86 deer over 11months so not to much to complain about apart from the rust in the breach (James has that now to coat as well so that should take care of that bug bare)
    Dealing with James was easy as his no nonsense approach which I like. Some other company's feed you so much bull that by the time they are through selling you what you don't want you're not sure about anything.

    So refreshing to not have the bull when trying to have something made that is over your head Jäger was highly recommended to me by two Friends that have had rifles from James, both of which are deadly accurate like mind.
    A top job James thank you very much, if you are thinking of having any work done give James a call and find out for your self how easy it is to get a semi custom rifle built without breaking the bank.

    I'll out a pic up once I figure out how. Lol
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    Nice guy is James and very well priced for perfect work

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    Quote Originally Posted by berg View Post
    Norma 75 grn Amax, 2 munties in the bag already.

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    Sure it's just a typo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plonker View Post
    Sure it's just a typo.
    Haha, it was a typo...nobody would mention A word!
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    I've been asked to post pics of the rifle, hope that's ok with folk.

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    Stunning rifle with an excellent price tag , compliments to James of Jager Sporting Arms.

    Nice write up berg.
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    donations welcome as I just spent my pocket money on a rifle

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