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Thread: Working dog insurance increase

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    Working dog insurance increase


    I have insured my working dog for the last 6 years with the same insurance provider as a working gun dog. My renewal has just arrived and the premium has increased by 130, has anyone else experienced such an increase in their premium. In all the time I have had my dog insured I have never made a claim.

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    My wife had a call from pet plan recently to see if she would like to carry on from
    the free month puppy insurance you get
    she was upfront and said it would be a working gun dog to which they replied we
    dont insure where you will be making a gain WTF planet are they on

    regards pete

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    I have an Irish Wolfhound and insured her with Tesco Pet Insurance from 8 weeks old, at the 7th year renewal it went up from 22 a month to 70 a month, I phoned them and their justification was "well she's getting old now and you're more likely to claim" I patiently pointed out to them that in 7 years of paying 240 a year we'd never made a claim and surely thats what the premiums covered but she kept sounding like a parrot, so I cancelled.

    I then went to NFU who I insure my business, house and cars with and they covered her and my Labrador for 43 the pair, including working dog insurance. 3 months later I had to have the Wolfhounds tail treated for an infection, and eventually amputated and they covered everything with no quibble, the bill was 1400.

    So in short NFU are very good, but I think you have to have other insurance with them as well.


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    +1 for NFU.

    We have 3 labs and a GWP, and they are insured at 78.00 / month for the four of them.... Listed as working dogs aswell....

    All the best.


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    Thanks for the replies, I am currently with NFU!

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    Are you with them direct or through a local NFU office? The reason I ask is I know that the NFU have stopped doing dog insurance as a sole policy, you need to have something else with them, car, house, business, etc. One of my staff has 3 spaniels and they'd only insure him if he had something else with them.

    So if thats all you have with them, perhaps they are trying to get you to jump? If you are with a local NFU office it might be worth a phone call to their head honcho, they are called Group Secretaries.



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    Thanks for the heads up, will make a call.

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    Countryside alliance, do a special dog insurance for working dogs last time I checked it was 5-6 per month, watch the big providers they dont insure working dogs, be carefull.

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    Just got the renewal through for my Weimaraner at 6 years old she is now costing just under 100 per month, but that's a bargain as last year she cost the insurance company (John Lewis) over 8,000. She is diagnosed with heart failure and has already cost the insurance 1,200 in the first month of her new policy

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