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Thread: Saying hello from northern ireland

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    Saying hello from northern ireland

    Hi All. I was forced to retire early a few years ago due to health problems but am still able to do some shooting, which i thoroughly enjoy. I have shot vermin for many years but never anything bigger than Fox. I take part in various types of shooting both indoor and outdoor. I shoot 10M target and bell targets indoor and shoot with a team in a local league. I also shoot .22 match outdoor at 25, 50, and 100m. Rimfire .22 is the largest caliber i use at present. I have always wanted to try deer stalking but have never managed to get it organized so far. I joined the forum to learn from the experts and then if and when i do get the opportunity then i might know a bit more than i do at present.
    My background is mostly electronics and software with a heavy emphesis on computer design. I also enjoy photography and fishing trout and salmon. Given my background i have done a few home builds of night vision gear and enjoy night shooting with my own night vision addon kit.

    I look forward to doing some browsing and learning on the forum and hopefull take part in interesting threads or where i feel i can contribute.

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    welcome to the fray, doug,

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    welcome your not a million mile away from me

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi MERJP

    Good to see another NI. member on the site!

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    Welcome, good to see another n.ireland member

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    Welcome to the site mate.

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    Welcome merjp.

    Your only on the other side of Slieve Gallion from me

    Must get you to rustle together some NV for me.


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    welcome im in s.armagh great site for info...

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