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Thread: Leupold Mount crossbar

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    Leupold Mount crossbar

    Lost one of the crossbars to a Leupold QD mount, is it possible to get a replacement in UK , or have I got to get the file out and make one ,JC.

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    Why don't you email GMK to find out, failing that contact Leupold directly.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    do you mean the rotating bar with the notch that has the lever attached to it?

    I thought about making some mounts
    if you can get a similar diameter bar, insert and drill it out slowly using the bore of the block as the holder

    how did it come out?
    I assume the holding pin has broken or fallen out too

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    8x57 I have e-mailed Leupold regarding a replacement, bewsher 500, its a small 19mm long bar shaped to sit in the base of the mount its held in place by the sides of the mount that grips the Picatinny rail , problem is when the base is opened to fit onto the rail they can drop out , I did think of gluing them in with a spot of superglue but not sure if they are designed to "float" about, I've just made a replacement out of aluminium should do until I get a Pucka one.

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    not sure I have seen those as all mine are bolt on QR rather than the QRW you have

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