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Thread: BRNO Model 5 Synthetic stock

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    BRNO Model 5 Synthetic stock

    Evening All,

    I am looking for a Synthetic stock for my BRNO Model 5 .22 lr and also a magazine(5 or 10) for the same.
    Is there any out there???



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    Without knowing exactly the spacing of the action screws and their layout it's hard to say.
    But if it is a centre screw and then a barrel lug screw, than the Silhouette stock would be the cheapest option at about 150
    direct from Edgar's, if it like the .22 American with rear and centre screws then it gets a lot more expensive at around 500
    last time I looked Jackson Rifles had a couple of stocks listed for the CZ rimfires.


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    Thanks for the reply Neil but that lost me!!!.....I will have a look at it and see if I can get up to speed with you.Thanks,Martin

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