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Thread: Ikeaback swivel shooting chair

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    Ikeaback swivel shooting chair

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    I made this chair up a year ago and it has been used constantly since then usually in 4" of slurry when I'm shooting rats. I thought the ply would have delaminated by now but it hasn't even moved. It started life as a Ikea Jules swivel office chair for the princely sum of 25 new. The main aim was to get this thing as light as possible which I have 14lb all in as opposed to the genuine Idleback which is 21lb. The only tools used were a drill, hole saw, hand saw, hack saw and a screwdriver. The section below the seat base, is where the swivel feet used to be before I sawed them off. The seat was the backrest of the chair and the base was the seat unit of the chair. The seat still has its air seat height adjustment which is operated by the button in the base (normally covered in cow Do Do **** ) Confused yet. The rifle rest arm came from the headrest section on another office chair that I found in a skip. Photo number 6 shows the rifle rest section screwed in the opposite way this is so I can carry the seat over my shoulder with ease.
    Any questions on the back of a 20 note please

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    Nice. Well done. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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