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Thread: Uneasy bedfellows

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    Uneasy bedfellows

    The last few days of hard weather I have been putting out water (the fresh stuff not that frozen muck) for the birds , along with some kitchen scraps , bit of goose fat , some rice krispies that were a little soft for us,, anything in fact that is remotely edible for em, as the days have gone on I noticed that the usual enemies are starting to feed together, robins, at least six different birds, eight cock blackbirds four hens, & some of those mistle thrushes from the eastern bloc, funny how peace breaks out in hard weather, reminded me of that pop video when the troops were kicking a ball about with the Jerries.

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    Yep the Blackbirds have even stopped fighting in our garden and they fight all year. being very flat here (edge of the fens) our few trees and hedges provide important nesting sights for them. In a few years they will have more as we are planting about 4 acres of trees over the next two springs. (900 approx this spring and another 800 or so in 2011.

    I re-filled the bird feeders this morning they are getting through about 1/2 gallon of wild bird food a day right now. We even left a load of apples un picked for them the Field Fairs and redwings love em as do the Blackbirds and Thrushes The peanuts take longer to empty we have 5 peanut feeders dotted around and 5 seed feeders of differing types. Now much snow right now only a dusting but it's frozen and trying to snow now.

    Oh when I walked up the top of the garden where it adjoins our field with the Dog yesterday a Snipe took off and flushed we have also been wathing the Curlew probe around where we will be planting and yesterday mornign sunning themselves in a little dip in the field was a covey of 10 Grey Partridges .

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