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Thread: Non related postings from spammers

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    Non related postings from spammers

    Have Admin any plans to exclude postings from non registered "Guests", there is a little bit of flotsam washing up here & there.

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    Yes they are being dealt with, you may have noticed that their irrelevant posts are always removed.

    I realise that they are a nuisance but the cure is not just a matter of pressing a magic button somewhere. Some one, Alex, has to spend time and effort getting in there and sorting it out, for which we are truly grateful. So in the meantime the best thing to do is ignore any future posts, they will be deleted.


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    Are they still appearing, like as of this morning?

    Hopefully they aren't!

    Yesterday afternoon I went through every forum and checked the permissions and there were a few that were still set up to allow guest posts. I changed them all to registered users only so hopefully that will be an end to it!

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    Hi Alex,

    I deleted a number a few days ago, but am glad to hear you have come to the rescue again

    Cheers mate, hope to get you back down for another go on the Roe in early spring.

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    Thanks for all your efforts to Alex and our Admin team, you're doing a grand job

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