Hi All

Little unusual this one but currently looking for a flat or house in Aberdeen to rent - preferrably unfurnished as I have everything (minus white goods) and don't want to pay for storage. Ideally I am looking to pay in the region of 700 but would love to pay less! The lease would be for at least a year for both my girlfriend and I who are both professionals (I work for a drilling management company and she is a retail manager). Anything would be considered as we are available to move as of the week beginning 10th March. We have been looking constantly and there seems to be very little on the unfurnished front.

If you have something available (or know someone who might) but feel the accomodation is worth more I am able to sweeten the deal with roe stalking and/or venison as part payment for the periods I am onshore.

Will probably be waiting until more flats open up in May when the students all run off back home but a quick move would be best at present.