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Thread: Stalking Directory Spring Meeting & Clay shoot

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    Stalking Directory Spring Meeting & Clay shoot

    Some two years back we held a meeting down here in the depths of Kent. It was a well attended meeting over a weekend with accommodation in the local pub (although there is also now a new Holiday Inn hotel nearby) a clay shoot was also arranged on Saturady afternoon, followed by a sit down 3 course meal.

    On the Sunday there was a special tour around the Powell - Cotton Museum of African, Asian Big game and firearms collection

    If members are interested the Admin team would be happy to arrange a similar weekend, with maybe a 3 course meal in the banquet suite on Quex Estates with a bar and disco to make it a big social evening.

    The price would be all inclusive including 50 bird clay shoot, 3 course meal and tour of museum. But not the accommodation for Saturday night, which at the Holiday Inn I believe we can get for about 55 a room per night.

    Anyway let me know if you are interested and we will see if we have enough of a response to make a go of it. I anticipate sometime in April or May depending on the availability of the banquet suite for the meal, if members decide to go that route.


    Sikamalc and the Admin team.

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    I have interest in full supply, just need things to look up a bit! Steve.

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    Count me in. I would love to attend the weekend.


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    Im in..

    And happy to top n tail for 27.50


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    You Ain't heard me snore!!!!!!

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    What an excellent idea! Count me in too! 8)


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    Me and emma will come down

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    Guess we know who you'll be top & taili'n with then Ash!

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    Lowest score at clays has to bunk with Todd

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    clay shoot

    I would be interested depending on dates

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