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Thread: fantastic service

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    fantastic service

    Well i orderd my kozap mounts from optics warehouse yesterday 3.30 pm and they arrived today at 9.30... Cant complain with that..very happy...
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    Yep always found them very reasonable and helpful too.

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    Very good company to deal with, highly recommended.
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    I was wondering if any one had a link on how to fit the kozap rings to the bases so they were pretty sure i have them fitted properly as the scope is fitted and all is well..but i would like to see a video etc...i took a measurement from the ring to the edge of the base with a gauge and matched them up that way..... Should i loktight them in ?

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    used them a number of times. only time i had one bad dealing was when they charged me for next day postage and the item turned up a number of days later. yet still charged for the more dear option they refunded it though.

    very good company

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