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Thread: bigger the better

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    bigger the better

    Another quick one , how come it seems to me paid stalkers in england all ways stipulate 240 calibre or greater, even if your after cwd/munties , thinking 223 thanks for any replys in advance , doug,

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    walk into any gun shop and you can hear the local plonker spouting of to anyone who will listen thatn he can shot foxes at over 300yrds with his latest new fan-dangled caliber or maybe its his mate in the other corner you can hear blabing off about many deer he head shot last night at nearly half a mile away, now image that your offering paid stalking and everyone who wants to go out with you claims there a crack shot can put a box full of bullets through a polo at 200yrds and has been stalking before they could walk, my point being not everyone who shoots is all they think or say they are so buy asking them to crack a walnut with a sledge hammer or in other terms shoting munties and cwd with .240 and above it just offers the stalker a little insurance that the job will be done. i may be wrong but thats what i imagine is the truth behind it all

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    Hence the title bigger the better , i can knock a nail in with a brick but it seems easier with a hammer ,it was just a thought scotland seem to manage there roe with 223, why not us? why dont you think you cant miss the deer with a bigger bullet , but you can with a small one, a spear and a arrow still have points!
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    thats because our Roe are the size of there Reds................

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    thats because our Roe are the size of there Reds................
    i think we need independance, it was just a thought ,i prefer roe,munties and cwd,,,im sure i read somewhere that prehistoric man used to kill mammoths with flint and sticks , hmmm must be me,
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