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Thread: PES T12 sound modarator

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    PES T12 sound modarator

    Has any one fitted a Pes T12 to there rifle? Thinking of putting one on my hopefully new .270 sako but not seen or heard of one in the flesh.
    Pes has been going for some thirty years and must know a thing or too about sound mods?
    They also do a version called the extreme but very pricey and you need to either send the rifle to New zealand or they will source the rifle for you and completly sleeve it with there extreme modarator that is said to be extremly quite.
    I look forward to your replys.

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    Greg, I'd personally fit a Jet Z to it.

    However if you go for a pes, make sure you have the scout version, the smaller one of the 2 available. They come in black or silver.

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    i have fitted a pes t12 to my .270 great mod had no problems holds the rifle so you can follow after the shot . if i had to find a fault its the length make sure it fit the your barrel it only just go's on my tikka


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    Totaly agree with Gadget. I have had a PES 12 on my .243 for years now and this year also had it bored out to accept my .270 as well. Gadget is is spot on when he talks of the ability to follow on as I was always able to do this with my .243 but did not expect this with the .270s reputation on recoil. However I see the the reaction to shot very clearly through my scope. Get one, I dont think you will be disapointed.


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    Just a thought for those of you that have had PES mods for several years, have any of you compared the build quality to a modern one? I only ask because I had two a couple of years ago and had to send them both back due to quality control issues. Not saying that they are a poor make or anything, just my experience. I have recently bought an ASE North Star for a .308 Win which seems to be a very high quality item but, of course, that comes at a price. JC

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    I've a stainless-steel PES on my .243 (neoprene sleeve to avoid reflections); I like it, and have no regrets about choosing it.

    I've had mine for a couple of years now, and haven't had any quality issues with it; feels like it was built to last (for that you can also read 'probably a bit heavier than some of the rivals' - but it's not like having a bag of plaster tied to the end of your barrel either!! )

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    PES T12 sound modarator

    Thanks guys for the info, Sam why do you say go for the scout instead of the T12? I personally dont like the look of a mod hanging on the end of rifle, I would prefer to have it completly covering the the barrell so it looked like one piece but this is way to expensive.

    Gadget what length barrell is on your Tikka?

    JC275 what should i look out for if i get one? Also do you think the Northstar is quiter or the same as the Pes? The pes importer i was talkng to states that the Northstar is the only other mod that comes close to the Pes.

    John and Merlin thank you for your thoughts on the Pes its good to know your happy with yours, How much did you pay for them and in the years that you have had it does it show any wear internal and external?

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    Hi Tayfix,
    can"t comment on the pes never used one, but have recently bought a northstar to replace the t8 on my 308 and find it to be very very good built like a tank will last for years me thinks, weights about the same as the t8 knocks the muzzle blast down to very acceptable levels and I find my accuracy has improved with the northstar much smaller groups if I keep it steady, looks great in the matt stainless finish overall very pleased with it

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    Hi Tayfix,
    I think im right in saying the scout still goes over barrel but is the shorter one of the two.
    The long one is very heavy and unbalancing.
    My money is on the jet-z though
    THe first long pes i had kept unscrewing when you fired it and everytime you shot muck would come back and hit the front lense of scope. However the short modern pes I still have has no flaws.

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    From memory I paid around 275 I think ( was something around there anyway....) - but that included barrel shortening & re-threading as well.

    As far as wear 'n' tear is concerned, there isn't any. I'm not an 'intensive'/professional stalker, so it's certainly not had the hammer that some other users on this site will give theirs, but like I said earlier: as far as performance goes, I'm very happy with it indeed.

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