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Thread: Laserware nd 100

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    Laserware nd 100

    Hi all I've seen thease torches advertised on hear and read a few of the posts have any of you got any more recent views on thease as I'm very tempted.

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    I'm intrigued to no if it realy works I've seen YouTube vids and I now no there great for scaring birds away but not convinced it will not spook foxes and rabbits?
    Thanks to all in advance.

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    I have an nd 50 that i have been using to good effect but i am in preperation to go full nv instead.
    I had no bother with scaring foxes or rabbits it worked well,atb wayne
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    I have been using the little ND30 for the last couple of years on a .22lr and 22 Hornet, I like it.
    It doesn't have the range for pushing a .223 though, so am deciding what to do, either a more powerful
    model or a normal lamp.


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    Ahh positive thoughts on the torch that's great as I've been reading up on all kinds of torches this one has the range and capability that I am looking for I've always found there's no
    substitute for reactions from people who acutualy us the kit!!!
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    Distributor info here for ND1000 Laserware

    Works Out of The Box, Consumer Electronics
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    Hi I am presuming you are the same scott country that does the famouse mail order catalogue if so I have been told by a ukv member that you have a demo model that you will post to prospective Byers for 25 is that wright?
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    We offer a demo service on all our night vision and thermal imagers, and we charge a 25.00 admin fee for the 7 day demo service, which is refundable if you make a purchase.

    We no longer sell ND1000 however so cannot supply that on demo,
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    Thanks for letting me no any reason you no longer sell them ?

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