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Thread: Balistic tips on Red Deer why

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    Balistic tips on Red Deer why

    Can anyone tell me the pro's for using balistic's on deer ?
    All I can see are the cons !

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    I only have roe and will not allow clients to use plastic points PERIOD.
    unless they are taking the carcass with them.

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    There is a simple to remember when using BT's, "don't shoot them fast". otherwise they are as good as any other bullet..


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    Personally i think the idea of the BT is just a marketing ploy,

    Having spoken to a lot of people that have used them (i say 'used' as the majority of users i know have moved swiftly away) they have found in some cases poor performance (or should i say consistancy) some have spoken about worse than bad meat damage. I dont know any FC rangers that use them at all...and these guys stalk all year round!

    But i guess you can get this with any bad batch of bullets!

    Not my cup of tea though - RWS / SAKO all the way...


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    I used to shoot only with a .270 or a .243 but have been using my .222 for 15 yrs for all my scottish roe with 50 grain v max ballistic tips
    they dont do any more damage than the .243 using soft points or the .270
    and they all make a mess if you hit it in the wrong place
    The reality is its like every other rifle calibre/bullet people love them or hate them based on personal experience but you can put just about any calibre with just about any bullet and do the job perfectly well

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    I use BT for everything and have never had a problem form Munties to red stags, I also know of full time deer managers that use them with no issues. Donít believe the BS about them, for f**K sake the only difference between them and a soft point is a bit of plastic stuck on the end.

    The only down side I have found that they are more expensive, but have always been more accurate in my rifles than softpoints.



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    I agree with Griff, they are as good as anything else until you drive them fast. I used to use them in my 7mm Rem Mag but had some unpredictable results. Eventually I had one disintegrate in a red hind at about 100 yards - no exit wound just total fragmentation, I stopped reloading with them then and went to Sierra Gamekings - just as accurate and much more predictable (at least in my rifle!).

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    Jacket wall thickness....... the point be it polymer /lead / hollow has little to do with terminal effect.
    The amount of BS on BT's is amazing. I cull a minimum of 90 deer a year with various calibres and bullets and the meat damage is down to a combination of shot placement and secondary fragmentation. I do however agree that driving BT' at the upper end of their performance window does produce more bloodshot.

    How many deer do you need to be culling to accurately asses the caperbility of many differenet bullets. Whats the point when you decide that a given bullet is a go / no go, and how do you quantify its performance?

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    I'll put a vote in for BT's ,what i would recommend is try them then make up your own mind.

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    soft points will cause as mush damage as ballistic tips if driven hard .

    a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge hear .

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