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Thread: Private Parking Companies... Fighting back!

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    Private Parking Companies... Fighting back!

    Not stalking related, but we're all blighted by these chancers...

    A PPC has no power to give us parking tickets, and you can challenge them to the nth degree. Advice differs, with most saying to just ignore them and their "£100, but reduces to £60 if you pay within 14 days" tickets for parking outside of a marked bay (10" - the width of the tyre, and that was because of the poor parking to my right...).
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    I decided to go on the offensive to see what happened - UKPC will receive this by RMSD before 13:00 hours today...

    I'll report back - probably from 'D' wing when they've stopped making me pick up the soap, and I have my weekly 5 minutes on the computer!!


    PO Box 1087
    UB8 9UR

    3rd March 2014

    RE: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing with reference to the parking ticket that was placed on car registration number xxxxx on 28th February 2014, in Wycombe Retail Park, Loudwater, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1FY

    I am giving you 14 days to respond with the following to the address above:

    1. Written proof that UKPC has the right in law to make this demand. It is an offence at law to make an unwarranted demand, and at no point did the driver enter into a contract with UKPC. It is also an offence at law to dishonestly make a false misrepresentation as to a matter of fact or law, whether deliberately or recklessly, with intent to cause loss to another or expose another to loss or the risk of loss.

    1. Written statement from the landowner, your client, original not photocopy, dated and signed on their headed paper, covering how they suffered loss as a result of the alleged parking violation.

    1. Copy of your Consumer Credit Licence for Debt Collection. As you have made no obvious offer of parking via clear signage, and you are not the landowner, you are unable to levy charges therefore you are acting as a debt collection agency.

    You will be aware of the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal case of VCS v HMRC, in which the ruling was that Private Parking Companies cannot lawfully make an offer of parking, or levy charges, unless they have a proprietary interest in the land. This is binding on lower courts, including the Small Claims Court, and has been ratified by an internal memo from the Ministry of Justice to all Courts in England & Wales. The records show that UKPC have no proprietary interest in Wycombe Retail Park, therefore rendering your notices and charges unlawful and unenforceable.

    If I receive any correspondence reference this matter after 14 days of the date of this letter from either yourselves, or any so-called debt collection agency, UKPC will contractually pay me an administration charge of £90 for each such letter received, and furthermore I shall invoice you an additional £90 administration charge for any response that I have to make. I shall refer you and any agency back to this letter with my invoice. I shall extend you 28 day payment terms, with a 50% discount if settled within 14 days.

    Yours sincerely

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    We had tickets from Blackpool, similar thing, ignored them, never heard from them again.

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    That is the sort of letter that I like Farticus - good effort.
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    Very interesting!

    Good luck!

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    Its actually an invoice that they have sent you so just refuse to pay it

    But a lovely letter and will be copying that down with your permission of course.

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    I bet you get a letter AFTER fourteen days from the date of your correspondence - be interesting to find out if they do actually pay you £90.00 because they sent YOU a letter lol

    Doesn't it cause difficulties though, now that you have acknowledged their actual existence as an entity?

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    I got one ages ago for parking my motorbike outside of the "rules" at a shopping centre. I ignored it and that was the end of that, they never wrote to me even once.
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    Well done and thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.

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    Parking Ticket

    I got one of these private parking tickets a few years back, i did as advised with all my other colleagues who recieved them and didnt pay, got a letter saying if i paid they would reduce from 100 to 60. then a reminder, then a final reminder then they passed it onto a debt collection agency who wanted 150 then another wanting 200 then a final letter saying if i paid 45 the matter would be dropped. Just ignored all the letters and never herd anything after the final debt collection...............when i went to re-mortgage i had a black mark on my credit history due to these fu*%ers as a none payment!!!! will be three years before its off my file!! not that it made any difference but just not impressed they even managed to do this!!!!!!!!

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    Not sure that this will win any writing awards, but if anyone wants to share, then please do so with my blessing. Anything that gets the message out that we should not be held to ransom has to be a good thing.

    Interesting that they managed to get a CCJ against one bigboab29, but worth contesting that to see if you can get it removed... You could write to them with a Small Claims Court threat - use the detail of the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal case of VCS v HMRC that I mentioned above - and include an invoice of £90 for administration fees

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    "You have enemies? Good. That means youíve stood up for something, sometime in your life."
    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)

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