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Thread: March & Shoot update

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    March & Shoot update

    I have finally got around to sorting out the bottom line for March & Shoot 2009 in aid of Help for Heroes.

    Auction £1585.00
    Sponsorship £1446.97

    Total donation to H4H £3031.97

    Once again very many thanks to all who gave time, money and most importantly auction prizes in support of a great cause.

    It was a bit of a scramble to get the event together for 2009, but it was done to keep the idea alive, maintain momentum and to establish it as an annual event. Clearly, if it is going to be sustainable into the future – or at least until the Government adequately funds and supports our service casualties – then we need to get more organised. A number of critical success factors have been identified, as follows:

    • To be a true ‘March & Shoot’ and attract maximum participation the event needs to be based around a centre fire rifle shooting competition.
    • Dates and venues to be confirmed as early as possible.
    • Organisational load to be spread across a number committed people.
    • Event stands alone and not ‘squat’ on various websites.

    There is any number of CSFs, but this isn’t intended to be a detailed business case and hopefully you get the drift? As a result of this thinking there is inevitably a cunning plan.....

    1. Establish a March & Shoot Association, with a constitution and folk willing to serve as officers and members. Association to have own bank account (already in place) and own web site (domains already secured) to run auctions etc.
    2. On the back of a properly constituted association – and with enough committed members (we need a minimum of 10) - we can establish a Home Office approved rifle club.
    3. As a HO approved club we can secure range bookings to allow the use of CF rifle. Critically we can also offer guest days when non-FAC holders can come and shoot.

    Obviously nothing in life is guaranteed, but hopefully this is the start of ensuring M&S 2010 is on a more secure footing. However, I recognise I am not God or Gordon Brown, so can’t be infallible. Here’s the pitch....

    If you have some constructive input or observation to make, feel free to get in touch with any advice and guidance that will advance the cause. If you want to be involved with the Association please PM your interest together with some contact details and we can have a natter.

    Finally, thanks again to all who supported M&S 2009. Hopefully, we’ll meet again at M&S 2010.

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    Well done to all involved


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    Well done to all involved


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    Well Done.


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    Congratulations to all involved..

    A very much respected and worthy cause and a truly fantastic result to help support our Heroes..


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