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Thread: Lovely new carbon fibre bolt handle - Tikka M595

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    Lovely new carbon fibre bolt handle - Tikka M595

    I don't often buy upgrades to trick up my rifles, prefer to stick to proven standard stuff and keep my pennies for decent glass on the top. However, I recently ordered a carbon fibre bolt handle from This was for my .223 Tikka M595 which has a nice original handle but itís heavy and a bit small for my taste. After quite a lot of rounds even in one sitting, i would still occasionally miss the handle when cycling the next round. It's probably a defect with me, not my beloved Tikka but I thought i would try a chunkier handle to see if it helped

    When it arrived I thought I had been robbed, it felt like an empty box, thatís how light it is!!!! I was chuffed to bits to open the box and find a very substantial bolt handle inside, light as a feather, but solid and beautifully finished in titanium alloy and solid CF. Fitting it was easy enough, although my original one didnít want to come out without a decent knock from a hammer and wooden peg, but the new one went in nicely as if it was made to better specifications than the original Tikka handle! So far, this looks a great spend and helped make cycling rounds smoother with less movement off target in between. Very happy so far (zeroing only), time to see how it fares in the field. Nice bit of kit for the price (£56 delivered).

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    Spooky! I hunted around for one the other week and found Turvey Stalking in Bedford doing the same handle/knob under Lumley Arms. He was waiting for stock to arrive from Australia and I got the impression that he didn't really know when they'd be in stock. So I ordered direct from Lumley and that arrived pretty quickly last week... albeit with duty on top in a tube. Yes they are very nice!

    Posted on it on the NV forum in connection with mounting a Drone Pro and JR Hartley (Yeah right! Bills...perhaps it's you?) has posted on there today that now have them in stock for £56 delivered in the UK...titanium handles too, which is a bloody good price in my book. Login

    Small world eh?



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    Hi Bills.
    Thanks for the post, I may well treat myself. On another note. Has your Rifle been Coated at all? If so what is it and what colour please? Looks very Pretty.


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    Fizz - sorry mate, not sure what half of your message means. Glad to hear you agree with me though that they are decent quality kit. NV Forum - can't get in, never been on there sorry. is it any good? actually half tempted to try some NV on my .22 for bunny bashing, might sign up over there if its better than SD for that kind of thing

    Yorkie - not coated in anything special that I know of, other than a nice lick of gun oil and a lot of stroking with my fair hands! she is a beauty, love that rifle, and even more so now.

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    Hi bills.
    My 690 has had a lot of use and its finish is not what it was. I looked at yours and just probably forgot how mine once looked. You are correct, they are a very nice Rifle.


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    Why such a gigantic bolt knob? It might be nicely made and light but, no offense, to me it looks ridiculous on hunting rifle.~ Muir

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    It does look big, well it does look too big i agree, but in use I find it lovely and depending on how you carry your rifles, it doesn't cause any issues or get in the way, but it does fit lovely in the hand when reloading, so for me its a great improvement over the original. Each to his own and all that.

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