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Thread: Wanted.... Parker-Hale catalogues

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    Wanted.... Parker-Hale catalogues

    Looking for P-H catalogues. I already have these ones:-

    #53, #62, #62A, #67, #68, #70, #73/4 and #86

    and would like to find others to fill in the gaps.

    Or other P-H leaflets about their rifles.

    Reasonable price paid.

    Regards. BH

    Edit:- I now have #89 (1989) on the way as well which hopefully will cover the Scout and possibly the Stalker.

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    Still looking for P-H material


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    I have a rare and scarce 1939 copy .
    Also one 1962 and one 1967 .

    Sensible offers considered .


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    Ahhh mereside thanks but I just brought that one it will a week or so before it arrives from California.

    Now stag1933,

    as I already have a good copy of the #67 and both # 62 and #62A I believe they are covered however I have not as yet gone back further than 1950 so perhaps we can work something out on the 1939 one.

    What condition is it in please?

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    There is some damage to the cover mainly at the `spine` end but all pages are present and clean.
    After 71 years in service it would be fair to say that condition is good.


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    Thank you for that and yes it sounds fine. Now we just have to agree a price. I have been looking through what I have paid for the others and the most paid so far is 21 of which nearly 7 was for air mail postage. Bearing in mind it's a 1939 and I really have no idea how common or uncommon they are I suggest a price of 25.

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    If you make that 28 , first class post paid you can have it .


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    Thank you that will be fine. Please PM me payment details and I will get it sorted out.

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    Brithunter try these people, I've bought a few items from Abby & she's very reliable & the quality of the re-prints is very good.


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