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Thread: New to muntjac? Need help

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    New to muntjac? Need help

    Hi everyone I do a bit of fallow stalking over the years but now I have permission to shoot muntjac I just wondered if there are any reason too/not too shoot males or females as I have seen only one pair on my ground I have set up camera on a well use deer traffic route and I don't want to really loose the quarry from my land by shooting one of them and the other moving off the land sorry it might sound a bit dumb to some of you but could do with pointing in the right direction cheers again mike

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    Are you sure you only see the same pair? Normally where you see one there's another 4-5 you don't see. Take a look around for slots browse damage etc.
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    This I why I have put the camera out but I'm new too shooting these little beauty's

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    Some might say get on top of them now before they get a foothold! If they are spreading onto your patch they will still spread weather you shoot this pair or not. They can be quite challenging to manage and great sport but remember they are an alien species and can cause major damage!

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    So would you say it's safe to take either as they always travel together if I do take one would i see others ? I.e would there be 1 male with per say 3-4 females in his area I'm just trying to decide on which to shoot male or females? Sorry

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    Are you located in Norton Suffolk? If so, I can pretty much guarantee there are more than a pair!

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    General rule would be to shoot all while trying to avoid orphaning dependents. Managing muntjac by Charles Smith Jones is worth a read.

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    No norton Shropshire and I will do some more recon and make sure no orphans are created if I can I just hope that If I shoot the buck the does won't wander of my land to find a new buck

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    Shoot bucks less than 3cm antler on site, doe will draw in new bucks, you might get something nice turn up. To control population density shoot does.

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    shoot them all (if they don't have young at foot. there a pain in the a**e. I was a keeper in Norfolk and Suffolk. and once you get them there like rats get every where, munch game cover and young trees to ground level. and if you have been given the permission to shoot them, keep on top because if not the farmer may say "il find someone who will"

    just my opinion, I don't want to offend any one, but ive had it, on one occasion me and my head keeper went out for a mooch and shot 27 between 2 of us in 3 hours or so.

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